Facilitation is an art that creates a truly safe space for all individuals to feel included and confident to be themselves. Our facilitators are different: they engage, awaken insight, disrupt the status quo and at the same time, nurture the positive core.

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Life NRG’s distinctive brand of coaching is offered from a place of heart, compassion and genuine care for our client.  We want you to reach your full potential and achieve your aspirations and be living the life you desire.

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Our speakers are drawn from a range of areas including business, psychology, academia and sport.

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In our busy lives today, the opportunities for women to come together, learn and share are few and far between. Life NRG’s Sacred Women’s Circles are space and time for reflection, contemplation, sharing and truly being heard.

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The retreats provide a loving sanctuary for reflection, contemplation, authentic conversation and nurturing. You will learn, share, laugh, (maybe cry) with authentic, like-minded women.

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We encourage reflection, collaboration, and inclusion to enable people to perform at their peak, and also lead peaceful, rich and meaningful lives.

Life NRG is a leading facilitation and coaching business that specialises in empowering women both in their careers and their lives outside of work. The Life NRG focus is on Purpose, Passion, Performance and Peace.

Our group and individual programs focus on clarifying purpose. Discovering and exploring strengths and passions. Testing and applying these strengths in day-to-day performance, and doing so in a way that promotes wellbeing and thriving.

Our programs are evidence-based using the latest research from performance psychology, appreciative inquiry and leadership development.