Women’s Retreats

Poem written by Suzy Fraser, participant at Life NRG’s inaugural retreat at Aireys Inlet in 2008.

Who’s the person I am today
I’m asking the question and what can I say?
Who’s in the mirror when I’m looking at me
Is my life really how I want it to be?
I’m asking myself what’s really key
To make it happen and set my dreams free
Yes, there are things in my life that I have to do
But I’ve learnt its important not to lose the real you.
So, let go of your fears and embrace the unknown
Follow the ideas that the weekend has sown
Embrace your dreams and follow your heart
Introducing new rituals is only the start
Take that step towards the life you desire
Live at a level that is deeper and higher
But carry with you always that symbol so new
The heart shaped pebble and a knowledge of you.

Suzy x

Our Women’s Retreats are held over a weekend and run in intimate groups of up to 10 women. The retreats provide a loving sanctuary for reflection, contemplation, authentic conversation and nurturing. You will learn, share, laugh, (maybe cry) with authentic, like-minded women.

Retreats are held in stunning beach and peaceful rural locations. They provide time out for busy women to reflect, to reconnect with their soul and passions and to refocus on vision and goals to create rituals that will support you to flourish and live the life you desire.

Beautiful meals are lovingly prepared by our local chef who specialises in healthy, nourishing, and soulful meals.

The retreats include facilitated reflection sessions, Yoga, massage, guided walks, meditation and personal planning techniques.

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