“Life NRG provides outstanding leadership development programs. The feedback from the leaders within our business who have undertaken tailored programs is that they are both eye opening and transformational. They have learned so much about themselves, what they want out of their careers and the leaders they want to be and importantly they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  As for Andi, she is an inspirational leader and one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with.”
- Dorothy Hisgrove, General Manager – People, Customer & Community

“Andi Pert is an experienced and inspiring coach and facilitator with a proven ability to share knowledge and apply an appropriate level of challenge to foster deep self reflection. As a facilitator, I found Andi to be extremely engaging, sharing many of her own personal experiences and encouraging group sharing to really bring the content to life. Andi led the sessions well, ensuring the right objectives were achieved, even when group discussion took us in so many places. Andi’s coaching style is warm and authentic, enabling a strong sense of trust to be built quickly with coachees. This plus her inate sense of how and when to apply the right level of tension through great questions and reflection techniques, provided the perfect environment for coachees to truly reflect at a deep level and uncover the way to reaching their potential. I know that I and all of the participants in the learning and coaching sessions that Andi led are extremely grateful, as we each gained an extraordinary amount from Andi that will benefit us for many years to come.”
- Carol Handtke, Regional Executive Retail, Sunshine Coast LAM, National Australia Bank Limited

“Andi Pert has lead and facilitated numerous female leadership development programs at Australia Post. Participants consistently rate her as an “exceptional” facilitator and the programs she leads regularly “exceed expectations”.  Her professionalism and compassion, combined with her ability to ask and address the tough questions, ensure participants gain maximum value. As a result of Andi’s work, we have seen a considerable increase in the promotion rates of the women who have participated in her programs. She is an inspiration to our women and a critical contributor to our overarching gender strategy at Post.”
- Lauren Jauncey, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Australia Post  

“Andi is an inspiring coach and facilitator, and has made a tremendous difference to my life both personally and professionally. As a facilitator she guides individual learning at a pace that works for them, to explore and uncover the best outcome for them. As a coach she listens authentically, and has enabled me to reach outcomes that I may not have otherwise thought of. She is a pleasure to work with and always brings out people’s full potential.”
- Kristy McFarlane,Senior Consultant, Diversity and Inclusion, Nab

“Andi Pert has been instrumental in helping to further progress the leadership capability and strength of women within NAB. Andi’s professional facilitation and coaching  expertise has undoubtedly contributed to results where program participants have demonstrated greater confidence, capability and awareness to continue working towards realising their full potential. Our commitment to individual potential at NAB is shared and we continue to work in partnership to continue to achieve this.”
- Antoinette Totta, Diversity and Inclusion, Nab

“I have worked side by side with Andi on and off for far too many decades that we want to own up to. Our deep professional respect started way back at the beginning of our careers at KPMG. Since that time we have both called on each other in various roles to support our clients. Andi is a committed and talented woman who has deep passion for her work and can nurture the best in people. The results speak for themselves.”
- Naomi Simson, Founding Director RedBalloon

“You rarely come across someone who has the balance of knowing what the customer wants and being able to communicate this clearly to achieve the required outcomes.  Andi is one of them.. The feedback she gets from her sessions and the business’s that continue to come back to her time and time again, is a testament to the quality that she delivers, and if that is not enough, you will not find a kinder and nicer person than Andi… ”
- Janine Allis : Founder of Boost Juice, Investor : Shark Tank TEN

“Andi is an extraordinary facilitator and coach.   She brings warmth, passion, challenge and fun into every conversation.   This creates the perfect environment for building  trust and teamwork as well as individual growth.  Andi played a big role in helping me develop as a leader, learn how to play to my strengths and build a practical resilience plan. ”
- Susan Jansen, GM Digital & Direct, Nab


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