Life NRG’s distinctive brand of coaching is offered from a place of heart, compassion and genuine care for our client. We want you to reach your full potential and achieve your aspirations and be living the life you desire.

We use insightful and thought provoking questions to inspire insight, self-awareness, authenticity, confidence, empathy, self-compassion and courage.

We create the space and opportunity for our clients to think, reflect, consider their strengths and development areas, and come up with plans for committed action to make positive, meaningful and long lasting changes in their careers and lives.

LIFE NRG uses structured, evidenced-based coaching approaches, informed by the scientific disciplines of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, acceptance and commitment training and personal leadership theories.

We treat each coaching engagement as unique. It is of course dependent on the client and business need, but it is our intention that everyone who participates in coaching with Life NRG, will leave the experience feeling wiser and enriched by the time they have invested in themself and by the actions they have taken to live a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Coaching Packages:

We have a range of coaching packages and coaching delivery methods. Please contact us to design a coaching program to suit your needs.