Life NRG

Andi Pert created Life NRG in 2003 after a lengthy corporate career in consulting and leadership development. At the time, Andi had school-age children and, like many women, was grappling with finding the balance between work and other life priorities.

When I was considering returning to work I wasn’t feeling satisfied,” says Andi. “The few years out of work while raising small children had left me lacking in confidence and questioning my sense of self. I wasn’t sure of who I was anymore and what I wanted from my career. How could I juggle being a loving wife and mother and have a successful, professional career?

Andi’s initial experience of returning to work was a struggle. She continued with the very high standards and fast working pace of the professional life she had before children. Facilitating 3-5 day residential workshops and returning home exhausted and with no energy for the most important people in her life, her family.

She then tested different ways of working, sought mentors, did extensive reading and research and went away on retreat to reflect upon who she was, what she wanted and how she would go about achieving this.

Empowering Women

It was during this time, and through connecting with other women also wanting a more balanced and fulfilling life, that Andi realised her own passion and desire to support women on this path. This led to the birth of Life NRG – an organisation committed to supporting women to be at their best.

Through my own experience and research, I discovered that when I became clear about my purpose, my vision, my strengths and values, and how I wanted to work, I started to thrive and really enjoy my life. I had so much more energy! That clarity has enabled me to focus on career opportunities that are consistent with my values and I now do what I love to do everyday. This is extremely energising and rewarding and brings me a sense of satisfaction and peace. It also makes me more open and available for the important people in my life.”

Empowering Collaborations

Over the last decade, Life NRG has partnered with like-minded organisations such as Xplore for Success, Paint Group and Diversity Partners facilitating and coaching women and empowering them to be resilient in their careers and lives.

In the wave of the 2009 bushfires, Life NRG began working with a group of small business owners who were dramatically impacted by the 2009 Marysville bushfires, the group named themselves the Bright Embers. Andi Pert continues to work with the Bright Embers as a coach, group facilitator and mentor.

Empowering Men

Life NRG has continued to grow and evolve since 2003. Although deeply committed to working with women to empower them to reach their full potential, real change in gender equality does not happen by excluding men.

Men in senior positions within organisations and teams play a vital role in empowering women. It is our experience that men in leadership positions support the concept of gender equality and are exploring best practice approaches to achieve this.  For this reason, Life NRG works with both senior men and women on the role that they play to empower and encourage women to reach their professional and personal potential.